During Breeding Season your geese, both the goose and ganders, might/will probably/will, become aggressive toward you and other people, dogs, cats.... when they are setting on a nest. DO NOT back down to them. Do Not walk around them, Do Not let them get the fear in you. Like dogs, they WILL take advantage of you and other people from then on if they see fear in you. IF you need to, carry a stick, not to hit them with, but as an extension of your own arm, to keep them back from biting and or flapping on your legs with their wings. They have not "turned on you", it is just their instinct to protect their young.....that includes eggs.

When you have both sexes of animals, and breeding season comes round......things change. And they might not change back to the way it was. Your Pet Geese, might not listen to you, as they used to do, They might not follow you around any longer, or come when you call. Geese will give herself to the dominance or the Gander rather than to you, the human. It might not happen, but I bet it does.


Your Goose will lay eggs when matured to that age, even if you do not have a Gander around. Your Pet Goose may even become protective of her eggs, even though they are not fertile.

The contents of this page for BREEDING SEASON is still under construction. There is so much I want to write on this page, but time will not allow it right now. Please check back later.

-- The My Pet Goose Team
Wed, 11 Mar 2015 12:25:10 -0400

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