The Goose Crate/Cage/Bed

You will need a large sized dog crate or large dog sized cage indoors for your housegoose for nighttime and for when you are not home with your goose. You will also want to have a dog kennel or sizable outdoor cage (with a lid) for your yard. The outdoor pen will give the goose some outdoor time, sunshine and pool splashing time. It will also be a nice place for your goose to wait for you, in the nice warm weather, while you are away.

Some people do let their housegoose sleep in their beds with them, but most take the diaper holders off their housegoose and have an area or crate or cage for the goose to sleep in.

You can line the crate/cage with wood shavings, straw, or some folks use a blanket. You will have to clean the liner daily. Scoop up and out the shavings, straw or wash the blanket each day.

Some housegoose owners put their geese in the crate/pen area after their daily bath or should I say, playing in the bathtub. It is a safe place where they can shake (not like a dog, not to that degree), preen and take a nap.

If you have the room, and the finances, it might be a good idea to own two large sized dog crates/cage/bed for your goose. Leave one in the area that you are in the most, your office, kitchen, or living room, and put the second crate in your bedroom. Not only is this nice for the goose to sleep in your bedroom with you, this crate is the place you will want to put your goose when company comes with children or their dogs. Shut the door on the crate with the goose in it and then shut the door to your bedroom, lock it if it will. This will keep the goose safe in a area it is familiar with and feels comfortable in.

Most people provide crates, cages, or pens (indoors) that the goose can walk into and out of. One that sits on the floor rather then up on legs. The floor of the crate, cage or pen needs to be suitable for the goose, a solid floor. Geese have webbed feet and large toenails. You do not want a surface that a foot can comfortably walk on and a toenail will not get caught in.

The indoor crate, cage or pen does not have to be huge. However if you work full time away from home the goose dose need to have room to move around in and an area to eat and drink and play with some sort of toy.

Goose Crate

A large dog crate like the one shown in the photo is what many goose owners use for their housegoose/geese's bed. This type of crate opens with at least one door so that the goose can walk in and out of it. It also has a lid that the owner can open to move the goose in or out or to clean the crate. Using a large or extra large dog size gives the goose plenty of room. The crate can be folded up to take with you or even moved from room to room. Take the bottom tray out of the crate and set the goose directly on safe and unsprayed grass so that the goose is contained, safe from dogs or other predators (or use while gardening so that the goose is not eating your garden or seeds as you are working) and able to enjoy the grass under it. If you have a large vehicle this might also be where your goose rides as you take it for outtings. A nice crate to take with you when your goose goes visiting too. I pick up large cardboard boxes and cut them so that they go down into the crate (through the lid) with a 9" - 12" lip all the way around the crate. This way the goose does not "shoot" poop out of the crate between the bars, but can still have a full view of the room while watching TV from bed.

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