The Goose Enthusiast

Goose w/Golden Egg Charm

I bet that you know one or you might be one. That person that is over the top about their own goose or geese. They talk about their own goose/geese often, send photos of it/them to others, and have a "bunch of stuff" around their homes that are geese items. Items like goose statues, big and small, geese on jewelry, goose photos, dishes with goose pictures on them, T-Shirts, and more. So "fess up" send us your KOOOOL photos of your "goose stuff". If you want to add your name with the photo and or tell a story about it, great. If not, if you just want to send your photo for posting, that is fine too. But really, send a photo of your stuff, let us admire it too.

Opening Goose Egg Charm Open Goose Egg Charm with Goose Webkinz Google Duck Necklace Diapered Ty Goose Schleilch Goose Goose Pin Silver Goose Bead

The contents of this page for The Goose Enthusiast will remain under construction because we hope that more and more Goose Enthusiasts keep joining us at this site and sending photos of items they own. Please check back.

-- The House Goose Team
Thu, 22 Dec 2011 19:48:33 -0500

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