IF YOU OWN A HOUSEDUCK (house duck) AND OR A HOUSECHICKEN (house chicken) WE WANT TO INCLUDE YOU IN THIS COMMUNITY ALSO! Let's face it, most of the rules, housing, houseproofing, and training as well as diaper information, is the same for each of these birds, or at least darned close. <wink> Ducks and or Chickens of course have their own attributes that no other housepet will, see below, but having what is widely known as a "farm bird" in your home can sure lift some eyebrows. Once in a while you will need to remind folks, family and friends, that when people first started keeping dogs and or parrots in their homes, the general public thought it was, well, wrong, then too.

Please join us as a member of this site. You can upload your photos into an album, share your stories with blogs as well as in the forums <coming very soon>, participate in photo contests, and meet more folks like yourself that keep "farm birds" in diapers in their homes and love every minute.



Yes. You might be very surprised at how many people, how many homes, have HouseChickens. More and more people are bringing chickens into their homes and taking them on outings as others do with their dogs.

Sky with her HouseChickens Sky's Chickens Leaving The Stroller

These cute little bitty chickens, most chicks, belong to an elist friend who has had HouseFowl for years and not only used to have a HouseDuck, but also ran a Duck Rescue. Sky also hosts several pet Chicken, Duck and Diapered Poultry elists and not only encourages other to own HouseFowl, but also will bend over backwards to help anyone with problems or questions about the Diapered Pets.

These photos are of Sky and her Chickens, the oldest one is a tiny thing named Dakota, at the Mardi Grads Celebration in New Orleans.

The contents of this page for HouseDucks/HouseChickens is still under construction. Please check back.

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My Pet Goose
Working Wings



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