About Those Big Eggs

Goose and Chicken eggs compared

Yes. Geese lay BIG eggs. Many times the egg laying is the only way to tell, for sure, if your goose is a goose or a gander. The eggs are very edible. If your recipe calls for 3 eggs, use one goose egg. Goose eggs, as well as duck eggs have a bit of a different taste then the chicken egg taste we are all used to. Goose eggs are rich in taste. Duck eggs are very rich in taste. But even so, you can sure scramble the goose eggs (my favorite) or even "over hard" fry them if you like.

Many people "blow the eggs" and do all sorts of crafts with them. Along with the feathers you might collect, another way to make a bit of money are your goose eggs. If you decide to "blow" your goose eggs be sanitary, wash the eggs and put something between your mouth and the egg.

If you can collect your goose eggs before they start to germinate (babies start growing in them) they are worth saving. If not for crafts, for food, if not for food, you can sell them.

Our First Goose Eggs!

Your goose eggs will NOT HATCH unless you have both a goose and a gander, and they spend time together.

I am always amazed at how many human adults do not know this, but the eggs must be fertilized before they can hatch out a gosling.

Most geese start laying eggs the Spring following the the year they were born. How many eggs per year will your goose lay? It will depend on the breed of goose you own as well as if you are pulling the eggs from them (taking them away rather then letting your goose set on the eggs, but the average number of eggs laid by a goose is approx. more to come

Gathering Those Big Eggs

You know all those stories you have heard or maybe you tell about a person getting beat up by a goose? More than likly, the geese were 'setting'. What is 'setting'? When geese sit on their eggs to hatch them inside a nest that the goose and gander have built. Geese will protect their nest til death!

Geese (females) set on the eggs. Ganders (males) will set beside or near the goose on the nest and protect her.

So IF you decide to gather your goose eggs, be forewarned. Your normally sweet pet goose will not be the same with eggs are being laid. Hormones. Reproductive Hormones are God Given and Strong....not only in geese but all species....including humans.

Housegeese Can, And Often Do, Lay Their Eggs While Wearing Their Diapers.

Yes. Most diaper holders allow the room for eggs to be laid while the goose is wearing them. However, in our opinion, it is much better if the goose is not wearing diapers when eggs are laid. Every bird needs time out of it's diaper holder.

That Golden Goose Egg

Alice Egg Illustration - Nichole Duman

Remember the story of The Goose That Laid The Golden Eggs? Well, with a little crafting from you, your goose can Lay Golden Eggs too. Goose Eggs that are well crafted, most blown then carved, can bring a nice price. It will take some practice and patients on your part, but it sure can be done. Well crafted Goose Eggs bring their own customers. You will of course have to market your craft, but soon, word of mouth after others see them, will sell quite a few for you. Egg Crafts are best worked on in the winter, stocked up, then offered in the Spring. We all love Spring and Easter Eggs. Many people entertain for Easter and look for unique items for decor. Just remember, you will also need to ship that Egg Craft, whether it is across the street or across the world, it has to get their in one piece or your customer will not be happy.

You might also paint your blown Goose Eggs for ornament. If you were making them into Christmas Ornaments and they finished well, nice that is, and you marketed them well, you might just make enough money to pay for the gifts you were going to give to your family and friends for the year. Or, you might even give a nicely done Goose Egg Ornament to your friends and family for Christmas Gifts.

The Illustration is by Nichole Duman of Duman Ark. This is my Alice, my second House Goose, and a White Chinese.

A Few Egg Craft Ideas

Alex The Groomer's Eggs

There are so many things a person, a crafty person, can do with their bird eggs. The eggs do need to be blown out (remove the inside) and that part is editable if fresh. This photo is of a craft that a HouseDuck and HouseGoose owner I know from an elist made with eggs his birds laid. He blew them out first. Here is what he said about his craft "I make jewelry and work with polymer clay. I blew my girls eggs and.covered them.with clay. Ill take a pic they are so fancy". I asked permission to highlight them here for everyone to see the beauty of his work......and great idea! I do have more ideas for egg crafts on the Goose Craft page here at this site, have a look, you might just be inspired to create a beautiful ornament of your own.

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