Hatler Tops
Red with Black Flower Print Halter TopPrice: $9.95  

Red w/ Black Flower Print

This cute print triangle type Halter Top was hand crafted by Marna by her own 70's design (yes, she made and wore the same type then).

By adjusting the top and bottom ties on the halter top you can change the size and shape of the top to fit most body styles. You can also fold or roll up the bottom sides of the top for a shorter look. The top ties are made into the halter so that it will gather, you can adjust to suit your own taste.

All of the tops are stitched very securely. I recommend that you tie the ties in knows, not a bow that can easily be undone by any immature jerk that you might pass by.

This halter measures 41" from one side of the bottom to the other, this is the MEASUREMENTS UNDER YOUR BREAST. You will need to be 38" or smaller for this halter to fit.

Machine wash in cold water and dry on the gentle cycle or better yet, hang over a clothes hanger to dry. Some tops may need to be pressed with a warm iron after washing.

Our clothing, like our other items, are non returnable. If there is a crafting error, I will be happy to fix or replace the item as needed with as close to the same as I can come.

This smaller item has a smaller shipping charge of $2.95 to the USA when shipped with similar items. Your shopping cart will show your shipping costs and total based on the items in it.

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