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Blythe Throne Car Seat ~ CUSTOM COLORPrice: $48.95  

These are a WONDERFUL, Safe and Secure way to Transport your Blythe Dolls while traveling.

Deron 3D Printed these Car Seats as Thrones just for Blythe. He made them first for my Bicycle so that I could take my Daisy Blythe with me on trips.

YOU CHOOSE THE COLOR! After you pay for the Throne Car Seat, contact us with the Color you would like to have for your car and Blythe doll.

These are the same Seats I have been using on my Bicycle for my Daisy Blythe for well over 500 miles on Trails and Roadways, some very rocky and bumpy. We used Super Glue for the Attachment that clips into my Bicycle's Handlebars.

We will send along clips for the back of your Blythe's Seat that you can Super Glue (we have used it with SUCCESS) anywhere on the back of your seat, adjusting to your own Dash Board. We use a CB Microphone Clip, found on Amazon, or other place, that screws to your Dash Board for a secure fit.

Link to the type we use and the Seat Clips were made for. or

PLEASE NOTE!: We will not be held responsible for any damage you might incur to your vehicle or dolls. We are only giving suggestions of how you might use this product. You are responsible for your own vehicle and dolls.

From time to time you may need to replace the elastic on the seat, Blythe's Seat Belts. Wink You can knot the elastic in the back, as I do on my Bicycle Seat for my Blythe, or you can sew the elastic together, FIRMLY!

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