Rat Dolls and Collectibles
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The My Rat Collection

This little "My Rat"
Is so cute and that is that.
You can chose your color, print or type
or buy a whole mischief, do what you like.
They were made to set out to look at for fun,
hidden and waiting to be found by someone.
My Rat will hide in cute small and fun nooks
for many glances and Holiday looks,
You can also display on them on the main table
Let all know the wonderful pet rattie fable.
It will open rat talk so you can brag up
all the fun pets you keep including their pup.

You can also buy one made up with colors we choice
or send in some fabric, no matter what, you can't loose.
If you outgrew your favorite pair of jeans,
let's make something equally keen.
Have an old shirt that got ripped or full of stains?
Let's make a cute My Rat out of the remains.

These ratties are cute and made with great fun
They stay out of trouble, they don't even run.
So hurry and buy some and hide them around,
Most Rat Lovers can not buy only one I have found.

This one is a "My Christmas Rat".

These are fun little Fabric Print Stuffed Ratties. They are cute for the Holidays, all of the Holidays. You can put them in fun places and conversations will begin....open for you to talk about your pet rats and how you love them. You can tuck them in cute little out of the way places or set them right in the middle of the Holiday Meal Table.

I have one in my medicine chest, that and one of the donkeys I collect...that will give those noisy people something to think about, ey? LOL

You can choice one of the My Rats that are already made up or for $10 (return postage included) I will make one up from a 10" x 10" piece of favorite fabric, old shirt, or a leg of your favorite pants that you can not longer wear. (email me for the information and just what to send).

These can be great toys for your live ratties, but not really for human children. Their eyes are beads, and the ears are polar fleece that either could be pulled or bitten off.

The My Rat is made new and has never been used. I do however have quite a collection of my own.

The My Rats are made with my own design in our non smoking home. The My Rat is not returnable nor is it refundable. If however you find an sewing error has been made I will replace your My Rat with as close to the same fabric as I can find. If you see one that you like, you should buy it right away, I may or may not have more made with the same fabric. Sometimes I only have such a small amount of fabric and when the stores sell it out (a print of fabric) sometimes you never see it again.

The My Rat's body is approx. 4 1/4" long and 2 1/2" tall. The tail is approx 4 1/4" long. Each one is hand made. The one you are buying may not be exactly "marked" like the one in the photo, but it will however be made from the same fun fabrics you see in the photo of on particular page. Each one is a bit different, or call it unique. You could even call it a "limited collection".

This one is made from an Christmas Print with black bead eyes and green ears and a green bow.

More My Rats are coming....check back often!!Rat Pack Group Photo

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