Where You Might Buy A Gosling/Goose

So you are convince you want to own a Goose or Geese. You have read up on their care, decided on the breed you would like to have, and convinced your family that a goose would make a great pet, checked to make sure you may own this big bird where you live, and you have read up on goose/gosling/geese care. You know what they eat, how important water is to them, you have even started thinking about or even decided on a name for your new pet.

I won't go on and on about how you should have your goose/geese pen built, find a veterinarian that treats birds, buy your diaper holders ahead of time for your housegoose, nor even tell you to buy the food they need before they come into your life. Most people already know to do all that, the rest of us, well, you probably know us, we walk into the Farm Store, buy the cute little baby and the food and the waterer, and the books on care, and the..... many times, those people make the very best animals owners. Most people that will do something like that have had animals all or most of their lives and have a general hold on animal care and the time and money that animal can cost. HOWEVER! All of the above is recommended. All of the above is necessary. And for those that do not already own a collection of cages and crates and do not have the property and live in areas where they can own this sort of pet, please don't buy one until you have thought this out, checked your area ordinances and HAVE bought the items you need for the baby before bringing it home.

Where can you buy one?

There are many places to look for your gosling/goose/geese. Many, Many, Many people buy them in Farm Stores in the Spring. Local Feed Stores often carry goslings, ducklings as well as chicks and bunnies in the Spring. If you so not see baby birds in your local Feed Store, ask. Most have particular dates they sell them and many take orders so that you can only buy one or two or a small order on the Farm Store's large order.

Check with local Farmers and or Local Extension Office for Breeders near you.

Introducing The New Crew

You can even receive goslings from your mailman when you order them online or from a Hatchery Catalog. If you do order your gosling it will not come alone. Because of the shipping (to your local Post Office) Hatcheries putting the goslings health and comfort ahead of all, will only send birds with a minimum order. Be aware that the Hatchery may send extra rooster chicks with your shipment. They are not being cruel, they want your order of birds to stay warm in shipment. However, if you order from a hatchery that does send extra bird, and they will tell you ahead of time. Keep in mind, you are, when they arrive they are now your responsibility. Think this out before you order. What will you do with the extra birds?

Visit Bird Shows and County Fairs in your area. Even if you are looking for a particular breed of Goose, ask a Animal Owner, even a Duck Owners, or even a Goat Owner, people that have animals usually know of other animal owners in the area and what type of animals the other people have. You might not just buy a gosling, but meet new life long friends.

Check you Local Newspapers and On Line Ads near you. Many times people sell goslings in the Spring and Summer and if going to you for a house pet, may sell you only one.

Ask on the Board~Forum Here on this site (coming soon) and you might just find somewhere here that is more then happy to send a gosling to you for a pet. And the best part about that might be the person friend you will be making.

more to come

Please note a cute blog by Nichole Duman of Duman's Ark about finding the right gosling. The photo of her gosling is worth the visit to the page alone. The blog is on our House Goose Blog page here at this site.


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-- The House Goose Team

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